JD's Mug Shoppe's Latest News

  • "There's Always A Shorts Guy" Hoodies Are Now Available

    "There's Always A Shorts Guy" Hoodies Are Now Available at www.mug-shoppe.com.
  • "Shorts Guy" Coffee Mugs

    If you live anywhere that has a cold winter, you're probably familiar with "Shorts Guy." He doesn't care how cold it is, how much snow is expected, or about hypothermia; he is wearing shorts, and nothing will change his mind. After witnessing "Shorts Guy" for many years, I decided to honour him with some coffee mug designs.
  • Two More New Coffee Mugs

    Right after I posted yesterday's blog post I went back to designing coffee mugs. Here are two more added to the store: Canadian Shorts Day and Fall...
  • New Winter Themed Coffee Mugs

    The inspiration bug hit me last week, and there are three new coffee mugs available for sale. Two of the mugs feature "Happy Holidays" designs, while the third one features a snowflake. They're the perfect coffee mugs for enjoying a hot drink while gazing out the window on cold winter mornings.