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Shipping Rates and Policies

Update: We are now offering "print on demand" products that will be shipped by 3rd party companies. They will have have different shipping rates than items we ship directly. These items (such as t-shirts or travel mugs) will likely be produced by Printify or Printful*. 

  • Orders of two or more black mugs include free shipping throughout Canada.
  • Single orders of black mugs ship for free in Ontario and Quebec, $1.95 in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, $2.95 in Alberta, British Columbia, and every maritime province, $5.95 in Nunavut, Northwest, and Yukon territories.
  • White 11oz and 15oz coffee mug shipping rates:
    • Canada: $8.29 (USD)
    • USA: $6.99 (USD)
    • Australia and New Zealand: $9.19 (USD)
    • Brazil: $14.29 (USD)
    • EFTA: $10.99 (USD)
    • EU: $5.79 (USD)
    • UK: $5.79 (USD)
    • Japan: $5.79 (USD)
    • Rest of the World: $12.99 (USD)
  • Latte Coffee Mugs only ship to North America at $8.95 (CAD)
  • Black coffee mugs ship for approximately $11.00 (CAD) or approximately $8.50 (USD) to the USA.
  • Black coffee mugs can be shipped worldwide but the cost is very prohibitive and they cannot be purchased off the website. Please contact us through the contact page to work out out an acceptable price. 
  • Tumblers and select t-shirts ship worldwide for $15.00 (USD).
  • T-shirts ship for $8.95 (CAD) in Canada.
  • T-shirts ship for approximately $7.00 (USD) in the USA.
  • Hoodie shipping rates:
    • Canada: $9.39 (USD)
    • USA: $7.99 (USD)
    • Australia and New Zealand: $11.29 (USD)
    • Brazil: $5.99 (USD)
    • EFTA: $10.99 (USD)
    • EU: $6.99 (USD)
    • UK: $6.99 (USD)
    • Japan: $6.99 (USD)
    • Rest of the World: $16.99 (USD)
  • "Pick up your trash" t-shirt and shopping bags shipping rates:
    • Canada: $6.99 (USD)
    • USA: $3.99 (USD)
    • Australia and New Zealand: $7.19 (USD)
    • Brazil: $4.49 (USD)
    • EFTA: $9.99 (USD)
    • EU: $4.59 (USD)
    • UK: $4.39 (USD)
    • Japan: $4.39 (USD)
    • Rest of the World: $11.99 (USD)

Shipping times vary but usually take between one and two weeks. The shipping times are provided by the shippers, usually Canada Post, UPS, and DHL, after checkout. 

The notebooks and tumblers are printed in the USA and might take longer to arrive due to COVID backlogs in shipping warehouses.

We offer free shipping for all orders over $100.00 (CAD, not including taxes) for Canadian and American customers. So that works out to around $75.00 (USD) for American customers.

If you live in the London, Ontario area and would like to arrange a physical pickup/delivery without paying shipping costs use the Cash on Delivery (COD) option when checking out your items. It may also be possible to work out a cheaper price for the black coffee mugs. Please contact us via the contact page for more information. UPDATE: We now over contactless delivery and pickup for London, Ontario.

Standard shipping rate of $6.95 for black coffee mugs in Canada.

Fixed rate of $39.95(CAD) for all international orders over $49.95(CAD) outside Canada and the United States**.

*Where things can get complicated is if you make an order combining products that we ship directly and products other companies ship. Basically two or three different companies might be shipping part of your order. In those instances one default rate called "shipping" will appear in your checkout. It calculates the different rates and combines them into one fee. For example if you might order one item with a $5.95 shipping fee and another with a $7.95 shipping fee for a total of $13.90. We are currently looking into ways to allow more user options. This also means that parts of your order may arrive at different times or days. In cases like these we can offer a small discount/refund after purchase. Contact us at with for a shipping discount/refund request.

**Offer only valid for Canada Post shipping destinations. The shipping rate is based on weight and packaging material.