New Winter Themed Coffee Mugs

The inspiration bug hit me last week, and there are three new coffee mugs available for sale. Two of the mugs feature "Happy Holidays" designs, while the third one features a snowflake. They're the perfect coffee mugs for enjoying a hot drink while gazing out the window on cold winter mornings.

The first "Happy Holidays" coffee mug has a scene of falling snow contained within the text. The snowflakes were created in Photoshop and then turned into paint brushes. I painted the snowflakes over a dark blue background and added a layer of snow at the bottom. Please click or tap on this link if you are interested in purchasing the "Happy Holidays" coffee mug.

Happy Holidays coffee mug with falling snow

The second "Happy Holidays" coffee mug is inspired by candy canes, a treat long associated with Christmas. I created a striped pattern of red, white, and green and applied it to the text. I used the Bevel and Emboss layer style in Photoshop to make the text look 3D and shiny, like candy in a package. Finally, I replaced the dot for the "i" in holidays with a festive holly decoration (this will be the major element of an upcoming mug). Instead of being double-sided, the design stretches from one side of the mug to the other. This "Happy Holidays" coffee mug is available for purchase on

Christmas themed coffee mug by JD's Mug Shoppe

The last coffee mug I've included is the Snowflake coffee mug. The snowflake design is one of the brush patterns I mentioned earlier. I made the snowflake in Photoshop by making a rectangle with angled protrusions and copying and rotating it until I had something resembling a snowflake. I added a subtle blue-grey gradient and drop shadow to the design to give it some depth. The Snowflake coffee mug is available now and can be purchased at

Snowflake design by JD's Mug Shoppe

It was nice to have the creative juices flowing again and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Stay tuned because I hope to add more holiday inspired products in the lead up to Christmas.


Added a coffee mug to the store called "Canadian Shorts Day". Will do a proper write up of the item at a later date.

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