"Shorts Guy" Coffee Mugs

If you live anywhere that has a cold winter, you're probably familiar with "Shorts Guy." He doesn't care how cold it is, how much snow is expected, or about hypothermia; he is wearing shorts, and nothing will change his mind. After witnessing "Shorts Guy" for many years, I decided to honour him with some coffee mug designs. There are currently three in store, but there's always room for more if inspiration strikes.

The first coffee mug has "There's Always a Shorts Guy" text with a cartoon figure on the right.

"There's always a Shorts Guy" Coffee Mug

The coffee mug is available at the following link: https://mug-shoppe.com/products/theres-always-a-shorts-guy-coffee-mug-1.

The second coffee mug uses the same design, but I've added some wind effects and snowflakes to emphasize the weather conditions that "Short's Guy" goes outside in.

This Coffee mug shows Shorts Guy walking in the snow

I've decided to call this coffee mug "Winter Shorts Guy". It is available at the following link: https://mug-shoppe.com/products/shorts-guy-coffee-mug.

The final coffee mug says "There's always a Shorts Guy" with an arrangement of snowflakes. There is no cartoon figure. 

"There's always Shorts Guy" text only coffee mug

This coffee mug is available at the following link: https://mug-shoppe.com/products/theres-always-a-shorts-guy-coffee-mug

All mugs are 11oz and 15oz. A small discount is included at checkout if you order them before January 8, 2023.

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