Welcome to JD's Mug Shoppe!

I've had the JD's Mug Shoppe up and running for a couple of years now, but I haven't considered writing a blog until now. Do I start with an introduction, or do I just start writing about our products? I think an introduction is probably the right way to go.

A few years ago I started creating digital line drawings  of my photos (as well as other people's) and posted them on my Instagram account. I liked the way the white lines looked an a black background, and decided to create some designs specifically for coffee mugs. The first three designs were an owl, hummingbird, and cardinal. To this day the owl is the most popular design. Since then I've expanded the store to include stainless steel tumblers, white coffee mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, winter hats, etc. Prints of owl, hummingbird, and cardinal designs are also available. 

I opened JD's Mug Shoppe to get first hand experience at running a small business by myself, as well as way to market my creative nature. I'm still learning how to run it, advertise it, and creating new products that people will treasure and enjoy. Thank you for visiting! There's a $10 (CAD) discount if you subscribe to our newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to sign up. Finally, here's a quick promo video I made for the original three mug designs.


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