Updating our Company Logo for 2022

It's time for that "thing" that everyone loves: corporate re-branding. I decided to update the the JD's Mug Shoppe logo for 2022. It actually isn't that big of change but there are some changes. 

Original Logo

Original Logo

The original logo is an old fashioned typeface with some adjustment in the spacing and kerning. There is nothing unique about the design that stands out and it's been needing an update for some time. I like the old style font because it works well with "shoppe" so I decided to keep it when I started sketching out new logo ideas.

New Logo

New Logo for JD's Mug Shoppe

I made "Mug Shoppe" smaller and placed the text under "JD's", making sure the lengths were equal. the "S" in JD's was capitalized to keep the upper text symmetrical. I also shortened the "J" to the same height as the other letters, otherwise the descender caused alignment issues with the lower text. While still a minimalist text logo I think the updated version is more visually dynamic and interesting, rather than one line of text previous design.




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