New Shipping Rates

We have streamlined our shipping rates to make shopping easier for customers and ourselves. They can be seen on our Shipping Rates and Policies page or below:

Black coffee mugs (North America only)

  • Canada $6.95 (CAD)
  • USA $11.00 (CAD)
  • Mexico $20.00 (CAD)

All other products are available in several shipping zones at the following rates*:

  • Australia & New Zealand Zone $9.19 (USD), $12.25 (CAD)
  • Brazil Zone $14.29 (USD), $19.04 (CAD)
  • Canada Zone $8.29 (USD), $11.05 (CAD)
  • EFTA Zone $10.99 (USD), $14.65 (CAD)
  • Europe Zone $5.79 (USD), $7.72 (CAD)
  • Great Britain Zone $5.79 (USD), $7.72 (CAD)
  • Japan Zone $5.79 (USD), $7.72 (CAD)
  • United States Zone $6.99 (USD), $9.31 (CAD)
  • Worldwide Zone (Rest of World) $12.99 (USD), $17.31 (CAD)

*Rates may flocculate slightly due to changes in exchange rates. 

 Some products do not ship to Guadeloupe, North Korea, Russia, and Ukraine.

Additional duties and fees may apply to orders.

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