"Ghostly" Coffee Mugs are now available!

It's almost fall, which means the spooky time of year is almost upon us. This also means JD's Mug Shoppe's "Ghostly" coffee mugs are back on sale in our shop(pe). They are currently priced at $18.95 (CAD), a $6.00 discount from our usual white coffee mug price. The mugs come in two similar designs: one features a black ghost shape on a white mug, while the other one has an orange highlight.

Halloween coffee mug

"Ghostly" coffee mug

scary coffee mug

Orange highlight

I came up with the design while I was making website updates last year. It was a simple doodle that I refined into a ghost like shape. The "boo!" was added to enhance the ghosti-ness of the design.

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